About Us

Briggs Cleaners Chiswick was established with the intent of providing residential and commercial customers with high quality cleaning services without the usual high costs or margin for error. Not that there is shortage of cleaning companies competing for a place in the sun and a bit of your money, but we thought there was more to be desired from the average cleaning company, and therefore decided to take matters into our hands, we are ready to be booked.

Briggs Cleaners Chiswick is anything but your average cleaning company, we consider ourselves to be a highly skilled, and dedicated bunch of cleaning industry professionals who go about their work with the necessary precision and efficiency. We work with the best cleaning technicians around as nothing short of the best will suffice when it comes providing our customers with quality cleaning results. Our people undergo additional company training to hone their skills and make them even better at their work.

Comprehensive service coverage without astronomical service costs is one of our fundamental policies. In our opinion it is much better to have all cleaning needs taken care of by the same company as this yields consistent results and saves money, instead of wasting time and effort in collecting and comparing quotes from a bunch of companies.

We understand and appreciate the importance of ecofriendly cleaning practices and we aim to do our little bit in protecting an already tormented environment. In order to reduce the environmental toll of our work we adhere to a couple of very basic yet highly effective work policies – absolutely no use of toxic/aggressive cleaning supplies, and minimum water and resource waste on all jobs.

Naturally, we are fully licensed and registered. We hold all required permits and have the qualification to provide the services we do. For customer peace of mind, and ours too, we have comprehensive insurance coverage.